A better source of GIS data

I have been meaning to following up on my last post for months now but it’s been too much fun playing around with GIS data.

After getting a geodjango application working with CSO data in my last post, I rapidly got tired of the sparse data available. Then with a little googling I discovered that the OpenStreetMap data is available under the Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

OpenStreetMap is a great initiative to provide free geographical information. It’s like wikipedia and google maps combined. If you go to http://www.openstreetmap.org/ you get a interface much like google maps except it is editable allowing anyone who is interested to add or correct map data. If you have a geodjango application with an admin interface up and running you will recognise the map formatting as openstreetmaps with openlayers is the default widget in the django admin interface for geographic fields. Below is what the Pavillion Bar, Trinity college looks like in my admin interface:An image of the admin interface showing the Pav bar

The results are very good at least for Dublin. The vast majority of POI are accurately placed and coverage is also very good too. OpenStreetMap data is available for download in various formats from http://download.geofabrik.de/osm/ . Now I need to discover how to export my updated data back to OpenStreetMaps to support this great initiative.


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I am an experienced software developer with over five year’s commercial experience with strong software design and development skills. I am searching for an ambitious start-up company with a shared passion for delivering quality software products.
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